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Welcome to Minach Mitts!

Hey hunter, NFL enthusiasts or anyone that likes the Camo/NFL look!

We offer 'mitts' to cover your pistol(s), shotgun(s), and rifle(s) to protect them from dust, moisture and rust. You tell us your type of gun you have, kind of Camo look or NFL design and we do the rest.

Don't stop there we have diaper bags, tote bags, laptop and tablet covers, insulated lunch bags and coming soon wristlets and dog collars.

Another specialty Fishing Mitts for your fishing rods! Yes saltwater and freshwater rod mitts. Check them out!

Thanks for stopping by and shopping Minach Mitts.

**NEWS FLASH** Now offering PINK straps on Diaper Bags, Lunch Bags and Overnight Bags! Make sure as you are ordering you choose the right one!

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